There are many different parts to a digital camera and they’re all pretty important as you can’t take a photo without them.

One of these components is the lens as you need some form of this device to be able to take pictures. Some models of cameras will come with a fixed lens. This means it’s built into the camera and it can’t be removed or changed.

Other types of cameras come with removable or interchangeable lenses. These cameras will allow you to change the lens for different styles of photography.

There is an assortment of lenses available, such as zoom, telephoto, wide angle, fish eye, manual focus, and auto focus lenses. Each type of lens will give you a different photo-taking option.

For instance, a zoom lens will let you remain in the same position to take a photo while you zoom in and magnify your subject. This is possible because the lens will bring the subject closer.

Professional photographers generally utilize several types of lenses to be able to get the shots they need for their profession. However, many amateurs use them to get the proper effect they’re looking for in their photos.

Make sure to protect the lenses with caps when not in use.
Lenses typically range in price from about $50 to several thousand dollars.

Some lenses are capable of giving you a different angle of view. They also come in different apertures and focus modes. Some of them will have an image stabilizer built into them, to help cut down on camera shake.

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