Pentax-D FA

Pentax-D FA Macro comes a significant change for the digital photography coming as an important addition to any professional photographer’s kit the new objective hold an aluminum shell protected from moisture, 9 lenses in 8 groups with SP anti reflection treatment.

The focalization is done automatically but it can also be set to manual.

The diaphragm contains 9 slides and the objective’s body has marking for the field depth.

This new model covers both the 135 format but also the digital APS-C where it creates a focus distance equivalent to 153 mm with a reproduction report of 1:1.

smc Pentax-D FA Macro 100mm f:2,8 WR has 65mm diameter , 81mm length  and weighs only 340gr while the port filter ring has only 49 mm.

All in all this is a very performing item, any photographer would be proud to have in his aid while creating digital imaging.

Source : Pentax-D FA


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