Picking out the right battery and the right charger for your camera is detrimental in the proper functioning of the camera. Incompatible charges have been record to destroying the batteries and wrong batteries have been record to damaging devices. Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind while buying camera batteries and chargers.

important tips for buying camera batteries and chargers

Tips to Buy Batteries

Different cameras make use of different battery types, depending upon the make, the model and the manufacturer. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind when buying camera batteries:

  • Some photographers use knock-off batteries for equipment like the lights etc. While it is okay to so do for supporting equipment, you must always buy only original batteries for your cameras.
  • Another point of consideration which every camera owner faces when buying camera battery is, whether to buy a primary battery i.e. a non-rechargeable battery or a secondary battery i.e. a rechargeable battery. The tip about the best way to sort this confusion is to go for devices with high drainage; it is always smarter to invest in a secondary/ rechargeable battery type.
  • Also take note of the environmental component. The tip most nature lovers and realists would hand out is to buy batteries that are environment friendly.
  • If you are looking for convenience, one option you have is to buy a battery grip. This is not essential; there are battery grips which come with additional shutter buttons making it easier to operate the camera. Thus the tip is, if you are investing in a battery why not go for this sort of thing.

Tips for Buying Charger

Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind when buying charger for the camera:

  • The first tip is before you go purchasing a charger note the size of your battery in amp hours. Now, for example if you have 100amp battery it would take about 11-12 hrs for a 10amp charger to charge it to a 100%. So make sure that you buy a charger compatible with your battery size.
  • The next tip is, if you are always in a hurry and don’t ever have a lot of time to charge, then you must buy a charger with higher amps.
  • Also make sure that the input voltage parameter/ components of your device and the charger you are choosing are compatible. If it is not compatible, the battery may not charge at all, or it may also lead to excessive charge being pushed into the battery.

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