Among the artifacts that could damage or in the same time enhance the overall idea captured in a picture is lens flare.

What is the lens flare?

The effect of light reflecting back and forth inside the lens’s elements, with shapes that depend on the shape of the diaphragm, is called lens flare.

lens flareThis effect can decrease the level of contrast in the photography and most of the times can be considered a defect but as said in the first line, there are cases when the lens flare can be used as an advantage and emphasize a gorgeous detail that will transform the picture in a work of art but most of the times, a perfect picture is being destroyed by the lens flare.

How to avoid lens flare?

Usually lens of cameras are provided with anti reflective coating which minimizes the flare effect but it can’t put an end to it.

A subject can always be captured in a photo from different angles but if the photographer is absolutely sure that he found the perfect position and in that exact spot light generates lens flare, some simple solutions will overcome this inconvenient.

The simple solutions consist in simple pieces of plastic which has a non reflective surface called “Lens Hood”. For an average camera, the lens hood is provided in the box as accessory, and the standard type is called “round lens hood” and there is yet another type called “Petal lens hood”.

camera lensThe second one is more efficient being designed according to the aspect ratio of the camera’s sensor and they take in the size of your lens and help blocking the maximum light from flare source.

If using lens hood didn’t solve the purpose then we can try placing hand or a piece of paper exterior to that side of lens which is nearer to flare inducing source. The photographer can also try placing the object appropriately so as to avoid the flare effect.

Nowadays, there are a number of filters available in the market such as warming filter, yellow filter, special effects filter and many more which either reduces the amount of light entering the lens or increases the contrast of images or it may provide special effects like stars looks or magnifying lens effect.

lensSo, all these measures can be used to minimize the flare effect so that your photograph doesn’t get ruined because of the extra light. In this way, digital photography can be conveniently used that can be used to improve the very artistic meaning of our photos.


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