You should clean your camera regularly and always take good care of it to ensure it’s always in proper working order and can supply you with crisp, clear images. Cleaning a lens with your shirt isn’t good enough as you could actually end up scratching it by grinding dirt or sand into it. Make sure you use the proper cleaning tools.

Remember, the main part of a lens is made of glass. This glass needs to be as clean as possible if you’re hoping to get sharp images. However, it’s quite hard to keep a lens spotless all of the time, since there are always particles of dust floating around in the air.

How to Keep Your Digital Camera Lens Clean?

You should use a lens-cleaning cloth as well as some type of cleaning fluid. Be sure to follow the instructions and don’t use too much fluid. Put the fluid on the cloth and clean the lens by wiping the cloth on it gently in a circular motion.

You won’t have a problem finding a cleaning kit for a digital camera in most camera shops. The fluid is generally alcohol-based and it’s ideal for removing dust, fingerprints, smudges, etc.

You should also keep your filters clean. Other helpful cleaning tools include a brush with an air capsule, and cotton buds. The air capsule can blow off the dust and cotton buds allow you to get the edges of the lens.


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