When it comes to digital photography, it always comes to the right lenses. Choosing the lenses is perhaps the most important process of a photographer’s work. Therefore, here are few tips how to choose the right lenses, which is the key to a better composition of your pictures. At first, define what kind of image you are going to take.

If it is a personal photography, then choose the 4×5 lenses, because of their near-far effect. In case you are going to shoot a portrait, then use super wide angle lenses like the 75 mm ones. You can also make a combination of those two types of lenses, in case you want to achieve some wide coverage and sharpness.

The lenses in general can be divided into three groups: wide, normal and telephoto. The specialists advise to choose the wide angle lens for landscape because they make a proper composition, when it comes to landscaping photography. In case you want to shoot only a fraction of certain object, the right choice is the telephoto lens.

By using the telephoto lens, the composition of your image is changing and this way you are focusing the attention to a small detail of the entire view.


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