gitzoGitzo is a French company widely known for its production of photographic accessories.

In the beginning, nearly one hundred years ago, this company produced everything a photographer needs.

A wide range of different products bearing the Gitzo logo could have been found on the market all over the world.

Cable releases, cameras, shutters, have all been just a part of the whole Gitzo product line.

But in the dark days of the World War II the factory had to be closed due to the German occupation of France.

Yet the brand persisted and nowadays it is recognized as one of the leaders in innovation and quality when it comes to photographic accessories, and every professional photographer chooses Gitzo when he chooses his gear.

Today Gitzo’s main focus is on creating equipment that will allow every photographer to get the best from his camera. Besides the best tripods in the world the brand offers different types of bags, apparel, and other support for every different occasion.

So if a photographer goes to explore the ocean or the mountain, if a photographer decides to go in the desert, or needs to make photos of birds or insects, then he gets equipped with gear specially designed for every particular need.

Tripods that will withstand the large ocean waves or the fastest mountain winds and will not be damaged at all, clothing that will provide space for storage of many different things and gadgets, bags that will allow carrying of all the equipment with ease on any terrain.

All of these are created to allow the capturing of the most beautiful and breath-taking moments, for making priceless photographs. Every piece of equipment is created to be the best in the market for both, its quality and its price.

Anyone that needs a proof of this, anyone that hasn’t heard of them yet, could visit the numerous exhibitions all over the world including New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Tokyo.

Also the remarkable Wild Wonders of Europe tour where Gitzo supports some of the world’s best and award winning photographers with its gear is more than enough to convince everyone to choose their equipment.

Vivid photos capturing the spirit of nature at its best from different locations all across Europe, it is no wonder why all these people that are the best in what they do, geared up with the latest Gitzo technology that gives the digital photography the best chance there to create memorable shots.



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