Some people have a hard time focusing in on their shots because their eyesight may not be the greatest. One of the best accessories to help with this problem is to use an eyepiece magnifier.

This device can be attached to the viewfinder of the camera to enlarge or magnify the image you’re looking at and trying to focus in on. They are also ideal for enlarging the LCD images on digital cameras as some of them aren’t very large.

The eyepiece magnifier makes manual focusing of the image quite a bit easier. The device can enlarge the central part of image on the screen by doubling the magnification or enlarging it even more in the viewfinder.

Some types of magnifiers can be swung in and out of place by a hinge between focusing and viewing the entire image.

Most eyepiece magnifiers also come with an adjustable diopter built into it. You can also buy protective cases for them to keep them from being scratched.

In addition, you can also help alleviate some of the strain on your eye as you won’t have to press it against the viewfinder if you use a magnifier.

You might also reduce the risk of injury if you don’t have to press your eye against the viewfinder if you’re bumped into while taking shots in a busy space. Cost of eyepiece magnifiers typically range from about $40 to several hundred.

Photo Credit: ralfbucanas


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