There has been such a breakthrough in technology over the years that nothing should surprise us anymore. Take for instance Digital-Camera Binoculars and Scopes.

These are basically spotting scopes and binoculars that are built with digital cameras inside them.

The camera will allow the user to take a photo and store the image that you can see through the scopes and binoculars. This makes them pretty good for shooting a range of things such as racing events, other sports, and wildlife.

Many of the devices are also capable of filming a few minutes of continuous video as well as taking still photographs.

On most of the models there is an LCD screen that supplies you with an assortment of information such as the number of photos, a repeat function, a timer, a movie/still mode, a resolution mode, the battery power, a power output, and a delete function.

The camera binoculars are powered by a set of batteries and the devices are quite compact and pretty easy to carry around. Most of the brands come with a protective carrying case and a neck strap as well as some software that allows you to download the images onto a computer. Most models are also compatible with tripods.

You should be able to find camera binoculars and scopes in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. They typically cost anywhere from about $70 to $2,000.


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