Just like the battle between Nikon and Canon, there is also an endless debate going on when it comes to choosing between Monopod and tripod.  If you are someone who is planning to buy a camera stand for yourself, then you must know the differences between both to be able to decide which one is better for you. The following is a detailed comparison between a monopod and a tripod for your reference and help.

comparison between monopod and tripod


A monopod, which is sometimes also known as a unipod is a camera stand with a single pole.  The camera can be mounted directly onto this stand and is thus a great choice for shooters-on-the-go.  It offers more flexibility as compared to tripods and isn’t as bulky as triple-legged stands.

They prove to be great tools for hikers, photowalkers and those who like to shoot sports and dance performances etc. These stands are also increasingly being used by wedding photographers and videographers.  They are extremely light, can collapse into a small size and can double up as walking sticks.

Monopods do have a few negatives and one of the main ones is that they need to be carried in hand to click shots and most of them cannot be placed. They are less stable and durable than tripods and are often shaky.


A tripod, as the name suggests is a camera stand which has three legs and offers great support and stabilization for a camera.  Unlike a monopod, tripods stand on their own on the ground and don’t need to be held in the hand.  They are definitely heavier and bulkier than monopods but also more stable and durable.

Tripods offer more uses than monopods and some of these uses include shooting in low light situations, to click consistent shots on the same subject, for long exposures, when maximum sharpness is desired, for specific and precise framing of shots and with tilt shift lenses etc.

But on the downside, tripods are usually more expensive than monopods and can be cumbersome as far as transporting them from one place to another is concerned.  They are not ideal for those who are constantly on the move when getting shots and are for those who need stable or long shots.

A photographer must definitely have both a tripod and a monopod because both these stands fulfill different uses for different purposes.

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