When seeking out the best lens for landscape photography, most photographers choose a wide-angle for the best landscape shots.

Many aspects of landscape photography require the all-encompassing view of a wide-angle lens to capture the scene effectively.

Impact of wide angle:

When you attach a wide-angle lens to your digital SLR camera, you’ll notice that it shows you a view of everything that the naked eye can see.

Ideally, a beautiful shot of landscape scenery captured by a wide-angle lens should make you feel like you are a part of that particular scene.

However, if you compare wide-angle and telephoto lenses, telephoto lenses are better at focusing on the details of the landscape scene.

Negative aspects:

A wide-angle lens tends to push the subject matter away and make the scene look smaller than it really is. By including a strong compositional element in the foreground of a landscape, you should be able to overcome the problem.

At times, however, this is not practical or it may not fit the photographer’s vision of a perfect landscape picture. To overcome this particular problem caused by a wide-angle lens, using a telephoto lens is the best solution. To optimize the shots captured by a wide-angle lens, go for a good telephoto lens.


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