When it comes to camera and photography accessories, most people don’t consider a camera case to be one. However, they are actually a very important piece of equipment. There’s no such thing as too much protection for an expensive, breakable, and sensitive item such as a camera.

You may already have a camera bag to carry your camera and accessories around in, but you can protect them even more by using a camera case instead of a bag.

There are various types of cases, such as soft, semi-hard, and hard ones. Some types of cases will even fit over the top of a camera and still allow you to take photographs with the case on. This is typical of underwater camera cases. Other models are more or less used as carrying and storage tools.

Make sure the case fits your camera properly and that it offers decent protection for it. The case shouldn’t be too heavy or bulky, but it should be durable and waterproof.

If it’s a carrying case, it should have handles, or a neck or shoulder strap. It should also come with compartments for your lenses and other accessories.

Camera cases come in assorted styles, colors, materials, shapes and sizes. They range in price from about $10 to several hundreds.

Photo Credit: Dougerino


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