In case you are going to choose the perfect backpack for you, there are things you should consider before purchasing a bag.

The first thing you should think about is the camera equipment you will want to store. If you want to store all the equipment you have, you really need a big bag, but if you are going to include only selected items, better choose something comfortable and easy to carry.

It is extremely important to make space for battery chargers, batteries and media cards, because they are the most important, in order to create any image.

Think twice before purchasing SLR camera bags on the Internet. Go to the local camera store and update yourself about the latest suggestions in this matter. In case you are going on a trip, we recommend you to consider the traditional shoulder-strap bag as the most comfortable decision.

The Tamrac Adventure 7 Model 5547 is compact and extremely lightweight bag. It allows you to store professional cameras and lenses as its design provides maximum storage for all the important items.

The bonus is that the bag is shoulder-strap, which means it will be easy to carry it anywhere. Another good model to consider is the Tenba Mixx Photo Daypack, which provides enough space for your camera, lenses and some items. The bonus is that the bag is customizable and it can be turned to an open backpack, according to your wishes.


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