photography filtersThe digital photography filters are useful accessories which, if used correctly, may play a very important part in creating more interesting photographs.

The filters are very different from one another as shape, size or purpose.

In the digital photography different software can be used to simulate the usage of a photography filter, there are editing possibilities but all of these fail before a photography taken with a real filter.

Here are the most popular and most used digital photography filters that can turn a simple picture into a masterpiece.

The polarization filter is used to reduce the reflection on the light absorbing surfaces as water or glass, in order to obtain saturated colors or a more interesting sky by increasing the contrast between the clouds and the blue they are positioned on.

Using it the light quantity in a picture is reduced and the color receives a perfection that can hardly be obtained through post processing.

Neutral density filters decrease the quantity of light entering the camera. These filters are used to prolong the time of exposure and are classified according to the density of the light allowed to enter the camera lens.

The neutral density gradual filters are used in the photography with large differences of light and a large dynamic interval. They are used to capture shadows in places with a light so strong that the regular camera can’t capture correctly. They are classified as soft-edge and hard age depending on how smooth or how abrupt is the passage from a luminosity type to another.

Colored filters for black and white photography

There are several types of filters for the black and white photography colored in red, yellow, green and blue. These filters underline certain colors inside a black and white frame and improve the contrast. Most of the black and white photography is done with such a filter.

The macro filters or close-up filters react as a looking glass increasing the size of the subject improving the capacity of capturing the details. They are mostly used in commercial and fashion photography but also in capturing wildlife.

Soft focus filters are used to reduce the line of the subject and obtain a blur effect and work by transmitting the light through the objective in order to result a “softer” subject.

The filters may come in different dimensions but the diameter of the filter must be chosen so it will fit the diameter of the objective on which it will be used. Most of the filters are round but there filters in other shapes like the square Cokin filters.


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