While sometimes it’s not a must to use a tripod, in other cases the situation is just begging for one. This is usually the case of long exposure shots. If you are looking for advanced tripod tips you should make sure that you will actually use them.

Advanced Tripod Tips

Fat legs first

Before buying a tripod you have to consider those that combine strength and weight. When you are setting the tripod up, you should start with the fat legs first. Then you can proceed to releasing the other legs until you reach the desired height.

Vertical central column

As one of the tripod tips that are advanced you should make sure that the legs stand firmly on the ground. Give them a slight push to test them. Adjust the legs until the central column is vertical and make sure that it isn’t tilted. It is vital to make sure that everything is straight.



When it comes to the advanced tripod tips, you might want to add some weight to the tripod. It may be useful to attach your camera bag to the hook in the middle. This way the tripod will have a firmer base. If there is a lot of wind, attach a bungee cord to the hook and the bag.

Get it low

Get it low

In some cases you will need the advanced ideas for tripod that make it possible for you to shoot from ground level. For this the majority of tripods come with a removable central column. Once you remove it, you can position the tripod on the ground.

Add more height

The advanced tripod tips also include what you should do if you extended the legs to their full height and the tripod still isn’t high enough. In this case the best thing you could do is to extend the center column. The downside is that in this case the tripod won’t be as stable as it should be.

Screw the screw

In case you are interested in the tripod advanced ideas you have to make sure that you attach the camera firmly to the tripod using the screw for this purpose. You also have to remember to lock the camera into place to make sure that it won’t move.

There aren’t many ways to use the tripod, but you could still benefit from the advanced tripod tips to make sure you are doing things right.


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