There is finally one bag that will be extremely useful for any photographer. The Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag is designed to provide quality, stability and comfort to the photographers.

It is a first generation smart bags that have the ability to replace the common belt with the Skin or Pro Speed Belt.

Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter camera BagIt is not heavy and it is easy to wear in any environment due to its waterproof design. This bag is labeled as one of the first bags for professional photographers that are willing to wear all their gadgets on their shooting missions.

Shape Shifter is able to compress into a 3 inches depth and provide ability to hold your camera, your lenses, as well as your laptop and gadgets, each of them placed in a special designed folder.

Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag 01Now you can simply put anything you need in this bag, it is sure it will take each of your gears. The texture of the bag is from a new generation that is stable and strong, but still light to wear.

Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag 02One of the advantages is that Shape Shifter is made with eco-friendly materials. The versatile bag also provides a special area and folders for each of your lenses, so the bag stays in an order.

Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag 03It is a bit expensive, but still purchasing one will put an end to your extra packages, especially while shooting.


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