Memory CardsYou can increase the usage and life span of your memory card by taking care of it in the right manner.

You will have several advantages with memory cards in storage aspect when you maintain properly, otherwise in long term use, there will be no benefits.

Useful tips on care and usage of memory cards:

  1. Stop shooting if any disaster strikes: Don’t shoot or stop immediately if any problem or disaster obtains in your memory card. Mostly, if any problem occurs in memory card, it will show the error message. Don’t ignore that message; without any delay switch off your digital camera so that the stored memory present in the memory card will not be lost with it, otherwise there will be danger of memory destruction.
  2. Instead of deleting the images in your camera, delete them on your computer: The images which are stored in your memory cards can be stored in your personal computer. If you want to prolong the life of your memory card, delete the images present in memory card on your personal computer instead of deleting them directly in your digital camera. This technique increases the life span of your memory card because you will be erasing all the images immediately after uploading them by means of your computer rather than deleting them at once on your digital camera.
  3. Remove the memory cards safely when you connect it to the computer: After uploading the images present in your digital camera memory card, remove the memory card from your camera by following the correct procedure of removing the card reader. In OSX, you have to right click the drive assigned to your card by hitting eject, where as in windows you have to use the option of ‘safely remove hardware’ to remove the card and the card reader.
  4. Multiple cards are better than one: Carry multiple cards along with you when you want to take the snaps with your digital camera. This technique helps you a lot, if the memory card present in your digital camera obtains any problem or if there is any problem in space scarcity.
  5. Don’t fill your cards completely: Memory cards are one of the sensitive storage devices in your camera. Therefore, we can’t find the correct reason for the destruction of memory cards. So, you have to maintain it in the correct way. Experts in photography say that the memory cards lose their memory even though you fill it completely. This situation will not obtain to all memory cards as all are not same in space, storage capacity, and durability.
  6. Reformat the cards time to time: By reformatting the memory cards time to time, you will be able to empty the space present by wiping off the images, data and file names present in it. Before formatting your digital camera, don’t forget to download the images present in it otherwise you will lose them.
  7. Memory CardsFormat the memory card present in your camera before you want to use it: By formatting the memory card while using your camera you can make sure that the card is structured specifically for your digital camera. You can even end up with the other issues that can be determined by reformatting on your camera if you want to use someone’s card in your digital camera.
  8. Switch off your camera when you want to remove the memory card from it: This is the recent tip. Voltage shock is one type of shock which you are affected when you remove the memory card from digital camera without making it switch off. In order to prevent this, better switch off your digital camera before removing the memory card from it.
  9. Maintain you camera in the right manner and keep it up to date: The manufacturers of your camera will release some firmware updates which have to be maintained time to time. These things make your camera stay updated and also fix some problems or errors which will occur in your digital camera.
  10. Update the cards present in your camera periodically: The life span of the memory cards can be increased by updating them from time to time. In the recent days the prices of the memory cards have also decreased so the maintenance of more than one memory card is not that much expensive task.
  11. Replace the batteries in your digital camera before they run down: Check the power level of the battery present in your digital camera by observing it frequently before taking the snaps with your digital camera. Recharge or change them immediately if you feel that the batteries are running low in your digital camera. If you ignore to change the batteries even though they have the less power, then there is a chance to lose all images present in your memory card. So, be alert with the batteries and change or recharge them immediately if their power is running off.
  12. After shooting don’t switch off your camera immediately: Your camera needs some time to write the data in your memory card, so you should not immediately switch off your digital camera after keeping it constantly in continuous shooting or burst mode for long period of time.
  13. Maintenance with common sense: Maintenance of your memory card or digital camera will not be dependent on the single aspect. You have to consider lot of things like not exposing them to extreme temperature, not dropping, not exposing them directly to the magnetic or h3 electro currents , not bending or puncturing them, etc.

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