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glamour and fashion photography is not the same

Glamour and Fashion Photography is not the Same!

Most of us have been living under this misconception that glamour and fashion, or rather glamour photography and fashion photography are the same. But to your surprise, these are two different branches of photography. Though they are very much related to each other, the details about them are totally different. Below given are some of […]

go-pro photography tips

Go-Pro Photography – Tips and Suggestions

Go-Pro refers to a range of high definition cameras, camcorders and video recorders that have revolutionized the world of photography and video recordings. The parent company that manufactures these amazing products is- Go Pro Inc. a company based in USA. While people are going gaga over the benefits of Go Pro, almost everybody who has […]

master aerial photography

Master Aerial Photography with these 6 Superb Tips

Aerial photography is one of the most thrilling yet tricky forms of photography. While it is true that pictures clicked from up there are very beautiful but things can also go tremendously wrong and may result in either bad looking pictures or other kinds of accidents. This is why; one must always be well prepared […]

fashion photography mistakes to avoid

Top 6 Fashion Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Fashion photography is one of the most popular forms of photography and is a genre which deals with shooting fashion models, commercial models or anything/anyone else endorsing a fashion product or company. This is often referred to as an easier genre of photography but is infact quite difficult. Mistakes in this field of photography are […]

know all about forensic photography

Know all About Forensic Photography

Forensic photography is a kind of photography which deals with photographing a crime scene and for this reason, it is also known as crime scene photography and forensic imaging.  It is the art of reproducing the crime scene accurately so that the photographs can be used as evidence and can be used in the process […]

tips for go-pro videography

4 Necessary Tips for Go-Pro Videography

An American corporation by the name of Go-Pro Inc developed and manufactured a range of high definition video recorders/ camcorders and brought new life to the world of photography. These high definition camcorders are used to shoot extreme actions scenes and get the perfect recordings. People all over the world are drooling over the Go-Pro […]

things to know about pre-wedding couple photoshoots

Things to Know about Pre-wedding Couple Photoshoots

Pre-wedding couple photoshoots are pretty much the norm these days, almost everywhere in the world but what are they really about? A lot of couples wonder whether they should or should not go for a pre-wedding photoshoot because they are a little unsure about how it may turn out to be. There are many things […]

travel photography mistakes to avoid

The Most Common Travel Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Travel photography can be a lot of fun and very exciting for photography enthusiasts, beginners and pros. It is simply amazing to capture the true feeling and energy of a foreign location which represents the city’s vibe and culture. Travel photography is wide, varied and has endless options and possibilities and this is what makes […]

choose candid wedding photography

How to Choose Candid Wedding Photography: The Right Photographer

Wedding day is one of the most important days in an individual’s lives. A lot of preparation goes into that one day to achieve perfection and to put everything in place just the way the bride and groom want it. And why shouldn’t the day be perfect for you to remember it all your life. […]

few tips for street photography

A Few Tips for Street Photography

Do you want to go out on the street and just capture all of the amazing things or moments you see or experience? Well that’s street photography but be aware that it is just as difficult as fun it is. You’d be doing things the wrong way without even knowing them and in the process […]