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Five Bird Photography Tips For Rookies

5 Bird Photography Tips For Rookies

Bird photography is one activity that requires a lot of patience and time. While you may best at clicking pictures, you may still find it difficult to get the finest bird photographs. It is, therefore, important that you should learn some basic tips about bird photography.Professionals must be already acquainted with the tips we are […]

Five Fashion Photography tips you should know

5 Fashion Photography Tips you should Know

Fashion photography has more aspects than we know, and you can very well understand them if you read a couple of interviews of well-established fashion photographers. These people treat their job as something that intends to convey a meaningful message, but they are very clear about the difficulties involved.There are a number of considerations to […]

wedding photography myths

Top Wedding Photography Myths

Wedding is a special occasion and a once in a lifetime event which everyone wants to cherish. The wedding photographs are the modes of capturing the memories. Naturally every bride and groom has the desire to get the best of those captured memories. A lot of information is circling around; which also means that there […]

communicating with your subject during a fashion shoot

Communicating with your Subject During a Fashion Shoot

Fashion photography is not only the most popular forms of commercial photography but is also considered to be the toughest. It deals with clicking fashion models who showcase or model clothes, accessories, commercial products or any other product. In order to get out the best from the model and click great pictures, it is very […]

tips for underwater photography

5 Most Important Tips for Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is one of the most adventurous yet difficult forms of photography. The preparations, the level of complications and the complexity of photography gear make this photography type different from any other. Initially, this kind of photography was not easy or possible for hobbyists but improvements in technology and falling rates of camera gear […]

must include clauses in a Photography contract

The Top must Include Clauses in a Photography Contract

If you are a photographer who has decided to take on the professional route then you must remember to form a good and strong photography contract.  It may be a passion for you but it is necessary to bring in some legal clauses to make sure everything goes smooth while you go on concentrating on […]

habits of a successful photographer

The Top 5 Habits of a Successful Photographer

A lot of people are doing photography these days and this activity is turning into a full time professional for many around the world. It is true that for being a photographer, the essentials are good photography skills, an eye for a good subject and exceptional photo editing skills. But do these things also make […]

photography editing clichés you must avoid

7 Photography Editing Clichés you must Avoid

Often photography editing trends turn into clichés. Clichés are not always that bad but if they are not done correctly or without proper technique, they can spoil your photograph rather than enhancing its effect. Moreover, clichés when followed and refollowed, they turn dull and boring and must be avoided as far as possible. The following […]

low-angle camera shots

Low-Angle Camera Shots- Versatility in Photography

A low-down perspective by changing your camera angle can entrap the viewers and change the disposition of the story. To spice-up your style of photography and to acquire a new point-of-view inclination in your photos low angle camera shots can be your best resort. Most of the time, you tend to shoot from straight-on perspective […]

Why Landscapes with People Are Better

Why Landscapes with People are Better

Many great photographs include people as well in a  stunning scenery. We all know how frustrating it can be when you set your camera ready to take a picture and you spend minutes to adjust all the setting for capturing the best landscape. And when the moment come and you push the button, a clumsy […]