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mistakes to avoid when buying photography equipment online

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Photography Equipment Online

If you are someone who is planning to buy photography equipment anytime soon then you must know that the one of the best ways to do so it buy stuff online. But when you shop online, then you can possibly make many mistakes. Shopping from the wrong site to issues with payment, small mistakes can […]

lens brush

Photography Gadgets that are a Waste of Money

Photography is a passion and life for many. It is a science and art that freeze beautiful moments permanently to be cherished throughout the life. If you are a photographer then you surely have a drive to perfect your passion which leads you to end by buying different photography gears or equipment. At time buying […]


The Best Photo Editing Apps to Download

Photo editing apps are those kinds of apps that help smartphone and tablet users to edit and improve the photos clicked by them using their devices. These apps make it possible for users to crop, edit, change colors, reduce red eye and perform many other functions in a matter of seconds to obtain much improved […]

tripod mistakes every photographer makes

7 Tripod Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

A tripod is one of the most essential accessories for a photographer and is also one which is the most misused. A tripod is used incorrectly not only by beginners but sometimes also by professional or experienced photographers. There are many things to keep in mind while using a tripod. Below given is a list […]

photography gadgets for i-phone

Learn About the Photography Gadgets for I-Phone

The best camera you can have is your eye. But thanks to technology that you can use another camera through which not only can you see but also capture those moments. These are I-phones. But hold your breath, not only do the phones have marvelous cameras there are those accessories for these camera phones that […]

Pop up Flash Bounce

Cool Gadgets for Photography Lovers

In today’s generation, people tell their stories and experiences not by narrating it in words but through the lens of the camera that speak for eternity. You can always tell your friends you visited a country side manor with forests on one side that had beautiful birds and animals peeping once in a while. But […]

Film Scanner

Vupoint 35mm Film Scanner Helps You In Digitalizing Negatives And Slides!

Even after the revolution of digital camera also, there are some photographers who click their images in film format. Film format means taking images with the help of negatives. Do you remember the processing method of these negatives? This is a time and money consuming process. You need to print every photo and then choose […]

Scan Your Film

Scan Your Films And Slides With Veho Film And Slide Converter!

Did you ever give a projector presentation? No, Not with the help of PowerPoint! Do you know that there is another probable method or olden day’s method that is used in giving projector presentation? You must have seen somewhere that collection of 35 mm white framed slides is placed in round housing carousel for giving […]

Tospom Ball Camera

Tospom Ball-Camera That Automatically Snaps The Picture!

Digital cameras are innovations in cameras and many companies are making different innovations with the shapes regarding the digital camera. There are many digital cameras, which do not look like cameras but still possess all the factors of the cameras. You can also click beautiful digital pictures with those cameras and also make your images […]

StandPouch Gives You The Benefits Of Tripod!

StandPouch Gives You The Benefits Of Tripod!

The most necessary things that professional photographers should carry are camera, photographic lenses, photographic filters and tripod. All the other necessities have emerged in small compact form, but only the tripod did not cut down its size. An amateur photographer does not show any interest in using the tripod as this is nightmare for many […]