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Five common mistakes in landscape photography

Five Common Mistakes in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is not easy and requires seriousness on the part of the photographer. There are fundamental aspects of the craft which must be learned and appreciated in order to produce best results.The job of a landscape photographer is to bring into reality our overall impression, and of course, our reality resides in a photograph. […]

wonderful tips to photograph a volcano

5 Wonderful Tips to Photograph a Volcano

Photography is definitely an art which is hard to master, especially certain photography styles of specific styles.  There are certain types of photography which may not be as easy to pursue as the others. Where on one hand, styles like portrait photography are relatively easy, clicking pictures of wildlife and volcano etc can be rather […]

tips to capture nature photography close-ups

7 Tips to Capture Nature Photography Close-Ups

When a wide range of pictures is captured outdoors that include animals, landscapes, wildlife, seasonal pictures it is known as nature photography that includes both gigantic and small elements as subjects. This kind of photography shines like a star when a close-up snap is captured. In a close-up picture every intricate detail such as a […]

common mistakes people make during nature photography

Most Common Mistakes People Make During Nature Photography

Wildlife and nature photography can be very rewarding but also very frustrating at the same time. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a new-bee, there are chances that you will get something or the other wrong while you shoot outdoors in the nature. There are so many things to keep in mind that mistakes […]

guide for fine art nature photography

Beginner’s Guide for Fine Art Nature Photography

Most of the people who are interested in photography are particularly fascinated by the amazing world of scenic nature and its many possibilities. While we see so many landscapes and nature photographs, only few of them captivate us completely with their sheer beauty. Why is this so? Here are some useful tips for you on […]

mental and physical benefits of nature photography

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Nature Photography

Sure nature photography is great, there are a lot of great shots of landscapes, wildlife, natural resources and the plant life and we all like having these shots put up in our houses, offices etc. to uplift the spirit of the whole area. But nature photography is so much more than what’s described in the […]

nature photography on a cloudy day

What Makes For Great Nature Photography On A Cloudy Day?

There is just something special about photography when you have a blanket of cloud covering the sun. It is the perfect type of natural light that flatters and complements the nature photography i.e. landscapes and wildlife. All the hotspots and subtlety you lose in the shadows when you take shots on a sunny day are […]

Common Mistakes While Taking Nature Photographs

Avoid These Most Common Mistakes While Taking Nature Photographs

Nature photography is a pretty tricky job, especially when you consider all the technicalities that you have got to remember. Things like, having a certain kind of color cast, composing the right frame, keeping your image free from noise are a reason why many amateur photographers make mistakes. However, these can be clearly rectified by […]


Practical Guide to Take Beautiful Pictures of Nature and Animals

Some people say that in order to really see the world that surrounds us we should see it through a lens. If you would like to take beautiful pictures of nature and animals, there are some tips and guidelines that you can use. Species snob It is believed that it is better to take a […]

Enjoy Capturing Colorful Fall Foliage Shots

Enjoy Capturing Colorful Fall Foliage Shots

With the autumn weather arriving in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many photographers will be outside trying to capture the magnificent colors of the fall foliage. The leaves on the trees turn some wonderful shades of yellow, red, and orange during this time of the year and can make for some excellent images. There are several […]