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Tips to Capture Perfect Black and White Portrait

Tips to Capture Perfect Black and White Portrait

Photography has been a profession for some people where as passion for others. No matter what kind of photographer you are, you should have those skills in you to capture some epic pictures which no other person can. Normal photography is somehow easy as compared to others but it is too a difficult task. However […]

clean your viewfinder with these easy steps

Clean your Viewfinder with these Easy Steps!

It is one of the most important tasks to keep your camera’s viewfinder clean so that you get to see clearly in order to click images. Getting a clear view through the viewfinder is very important so that you can set up the focus and exactly know what you are clicking. Keeping a viewfinder clean […]

buying second hand camera online

Buying Second Hand Camera Online – Important Points to Consider

Do you have a passion for photography and are looking to buy a second hand camera online? Well, firstly cameras do not come cheap and the money you spend on them must be spent with caution. There are few basic things that everyone who wants to buy a camera online must keep in mind before […]

tips to master indoor sports photography

5 Tips to Master Indoor Sports Photography

Photographing sports can be a little tricky, given the continuous movement and motion as well as the effect of light. But shooting indoor sports can be even more challenging due to lack of natural light.  Sports like tennis, basketball and table tennis and others can be difficult to capture, especially without the correct cameras and […]

ways to sell your used photography equipment

Best Ways to Sell your used Photography Equipment

Anyone who is inclined towards photography and owns a few pieces of gear, always keeps trying to upgrade or acquire more tools and equipments. For this, they may often need to first sell their old pieces so as to make money to buy the new ones. But selling used photography equipment can be tricky since […]

perfect subject when going for a fashion shoot

How to be a Perfect Subject When Going for a Fashion Shoot

If you are someone who is soon going to go for a fashion shoot for photography or an agency, then you must definitely prepare yourself for it. The entire shoot will depend upon how you pose and how good-a-subject you prove to be.  There are several ways in which you can be the perfect subject […]

benefits of going on photo walks

The 5 Amazing Benefits of Going on Photo Walks

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional one, practicing and clicking as many pictures as possible is something which is necessary.  For this reason, a Photo Walk comes across as a brilliant concept. Photo Walks are basically photography sessions held for groups of photographers who explore different parts of the city together and […]

tips to buy tripod stand online

Amazing Tips to Buy Tripod Stand Online

If you are someone who owns a digital or professional camera, then you must also purchase a tripod stand to complete your photography experience.  Not only does a stand enable you to do perform low light photography easily but also makes it possible for you to shoot videos and motion pictures. There are many types […]

select best camera accessories online

How to Select Best Camera Accessories Online: Some Tips

The world of photography is very wide, varied and full of various camera products and accessories. From camera lenses to lighting equipments and from camera stands to batteries etc. There is no end to the camera accessories that you can buy to get the best shots. Buying camera accessories online can be a good idea, […]

ISO selection for perfect photography

Correct ISO Selection for Perfect Photography

ISO or ASA is a parameter used to determine the sensitivity of the image sensor. The same concept also applies for film photography- the lower the ISO number; the less sensitive is your camera to the light exposure and as a consequence, finer will be the grain. Higher ISO settings are useful in dimmer environment […]