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5 Tips to Create Magnificent Photograph of Waterfalls

5 Tips to Create Magnificent Photograph of Waterfalls

Waterfall photography is always rejuvenating—whether you capture the smallest creeks or the biggest falls. However, despite all the differences in each and every waterfall, there is one thing that remains a shared quality—simplicity. Waterfalls are incredibly astounding, but they are amazingly simple, and that is why it becomes more difficult to capture the purest form […]

7 Essential Digital Photography Effects

7 Essential Digital Photography Effects

Digital photography is incomplete without effects and touch-ups as they give more depth and life to the picture. However, these effects cannot be randomly applied to the picture and must be thoroughly practiced before actual use. In this article, we have selected seven essential digital photography effects to give you an insight and help you […]

5 Dont's in Digital Photography

5 Dont’s in Digital Photography

Digital photography is one of the most popular forms of photography in the world, and now that many advancements have been made in photographic technology that more and more people are engaging themselves in this amazing craft.Just like any other form of photography, it is also not unfamiliar with misconceptions and myths, and these are […]

Five tips on abstract photography for beginners

Five Tips on Abstract Photography for Beginners

Photography is all about perception. What define a photograph is how the photographer and the audience view it and what meaning they grab from it. While most of the photography is contextual in nature revolving around a particular setting or theme, abstract photography destroys all such barriers and lets the onlooker to entirely define the […]

Common Shutter Speed Mistakes To Avoid

Common Shutter Speed Mistakes To Avoid

In our day to day life there are multiple moments that we capture in a camera and photographs take us to a memory lane. Sometimes due to limited knowledge of photography some of images come as blurred or has red eye. Capturing perfect images is like science and there are multiple factors that need considerations. […]

tips for photographing live dance performances

Tips and Suggestions for Photographing Live Dance Performances

Live dance performances may seem extremely good to look at but are highly difficult to photograph. The constant movements can create a problem in getting stable shots and in addition, if the event is held in dim lights, then getting a good shot can prove to be next to impossible. Thus while capturing live dance […]

tips to look slim in photos

6 Tips and Tricks to Look Slim in Photos

Are you someone who dreads to get their photos clicked due to the fear of looking fat? Well, you are definitely not the only one. Most of us avoid getting photographed as we may appear healthier than we are. But there are many ways to position your body and other tricks to follow which infact […]

tips for photographing a funeral

Top 5 Tips and Suggestions for Photographing a Funeral

Shooting a funeral can be a very tough and challenging task. Not only is it disturbing but is also difficult in terms of capturing the emotions and feelings appropriately. A photographer needs to be sensitive to the feelings of the people and also has to complete the task as professionally as possible. Combining these two […]

everything you need to know about dutch angle

Everything you Need to Know about Dutch Angle – A Superb Photography Trick

Dutch Angle is a superb photography trick and method and is also known as Dutch Tilt. This is a technique which helps the photographer to add a dramatic effect to the pictures. This is basically a type of a camera shot in which the camera is set or arranged at an angle on its roll […]

pros and cons of watermarking your pictures

The Top Pros and Cons of Watermarking your Pictures

Watermarking photos is a method through which original photographers seal their clicked photographs with their name, signature or a symbol of copyright so as to mark them as theirs. While lots of photographers watermark their photos to avoid letting it be used by others, some do it for the sake of creativity and fun. But […]