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important tips for buying camera batteries and chargers

Important Tips for Buying Camera Batteries and Chargers

Picking out the right battery and the right charger for your camera is detrimental in the proper functioning of the camera. Incompatible charges have been record to destroying the batteries and wrong batteries have been record to damaging devices. Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind while buying camera batteries and chargers. […]

comparison between monopod and tripod

Differences and Comparison Between Monopod and Tripod

Just like the battle between Nikon and Canon, there is also an endless debate going on when it comes to choosing between Monopod and tripod.  If you are someone who is planning to buy a camera stand for yourself, then you must know the differences between both to be able to decide which one is […]

uses of camera battery grip

5 Uses of Camera Battery Grip

If you are a digital camera or DSLR owner then there are some things and tools that you must be aware of and buy. One among such things is a battery grip.  A battery grip is basically a device which makes it possible for you to fit an extra regular camera battery and gives you […]

speed light in outdoor photography

How to Use a Speed Light in Outdoor Photography

Often, photographers like to use natural light for outdoor shots. Some people find it unnecessary to use speed light in outdoor photography. But nowadays, expert photographers are not against the idea of using speed lights for street photography. However, you must know the techniques of using them, because otherwise too much light can ruin your […]

tips to take care of your camera in snow

Top Tips to Take Care of your Camera in Snow

Snow photography can be a very interesting prospect and often brings out some of the most lovely shots out of a photographer’s camera. If you can stand the chill and the snow falling up from the heaven, chances are that the photographs that come out will be extraordinarily beautiful. But the next question that comes […]

accessories for wildlife photography

Must have Accessories for Wildlife Photography

Out of all the various forms and fields of photography, wildlife photography is unarguably the most difficult and challenging forms to master and pursue. Besides the many physical difficulties that one can face, this kind of photography also needs the photographer to carry all the gear and accessories which might be needed. Wildlife photographers must […]

benefits of using a hand held flash meter

The Top Benefits of using a Hand Held Flash Meter

A hand held flash meter is a device used in photography which is a manual method of measuring the exposure of a particular shot or frame. While most devices come inbuilt with their own meter these days, a lot of people or photographers continue using hand held flash meters due to many reasons of which […]

must have photography essentials

Must have Photography Essentials: Equipment Accessories

You are in love with photography but have always been lacking somewhere or the other? But now you have decided you want to get serious with the photography business and leave behind phone or regular digital camera ways. If that is so, then you must know that there are a series of equipment and other […]

straight neutral density filter

5 Most Essential Photography Filters that you must have

Photoshop is surely a great way to add filters and effects to your pictures but what real filters can do, nothing else can achieve. For every beginner or advanced level photographer, filters are a must have and can improve your photography and images clicked by a big margin. There are hundreds of filters available in […]

light meter

Light Meter – A Comprehensive “Knowhow”

What is a Light Meter? In photography the right amount of light is very necessary. A light meter measures the amount of light that will give proper texture to the photographs. This device includes either a digital or an analog computer that will enable you as the photographer to set the shutter speed, the focal […]