In case you would like to get a top notch camera, but you simply don’t have the funds for it, you should be looking for the latest digital camera models, such as the Sony A3000. With the mirrorless interchangeable lens the camera is almost as good as any DSLR product.

Reviewing Sony A3000


The good news is that the camera is surprisingly small and easy to handle. It comes with 18-55 mm lens and it is said to be easy to use. The majority of beginner photographers are faced with the complexity of different settings, but this model is meant to make their lives easier.

DSLR Features

Although you might be a bit skeptical, you will be pleased to find several DSLR camera features, such as eye level viewfinder and a hot shoe. At first you might be surprised by the dim colors of the LCD display, but you can rest assured that the colors can be changed with the help of the menu.


Although the camera is supposed to be easy to use, you might have some problems with it. There is no button labeled “Menu”. On the top deck you can set the exposure and choose from movie, PASM, scene selection, and sweep panorama modes. On the rear you can find the button for making movies and the “soft keys” meant to help you navigate in the menu.

Blowing off the Dust

No matter how funny it may sound, from time to time you will have to blow away the dust from the lenses. For this you will have to turn off the camera and remove the lenses. Although it may seem as an easy thing to do, you should make sure that you are careful with it.


The quality of the camera is way above the quality of the other cameras of this kind. The biggest advantage of the product is that it is small and it offers some features of DSLR cameras and you can use many different lenses. The only problem with the camera is that the menu is quite confusing and it may take a while for you to get used to it.

If you know a little something about photography you might realize that this camera seems a real catch. If you compare everything that it has to offer to the price that it has, we can say that it gets four out of five stars.


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