In some cases the photographers don’t want to carry around lenses and other accessories and they are looking for the best easy to use compact digital camera. If this is the case you should consider a superzoom or bridge camera. Below are some easy to use digital cameras.

Fuji X-S1


In case you are in search of the best bridge camera, this is the way to go. The camera comes with 26x optical zoom and with a rock solid built that looks something like the DSLR cameras in shape and form and offers a firm grip. The zoom comes with a rubber cover to make sure that your hand won’t slip.

Although this is a premium top easy to use compact digital camera, the price of it isn’t as high as you would expect it to be. Now you can find it for $700. Although the resolution of the camera is of 12 megapixels, you might think that it is quite underpowered.

Fuji Fine Pix HS30 EXR


The specifications of this best easy to use compact digital camera include a 16 megapixel resolution and a 30x optical zoom that can be extended to 60x. Just as the previous product, this one also has something of the DSLR build. The lens barrel can be extended and it can be precisely adjusted using your hands.

The easy to use compact digital camera that is on the top comes with a lithium ion battery and it also has a tilting LCD screen. Now it offers the possibility to take photo in RAW and JPEG formats. You can have straight horizons even if you don’t use a tripod.

Sony CyberShot HX200V


This best easy to use compact digital camera looks like a downsized DSLR camera. The interesting thing about this camera is that it comes with GPS tracking, so you can add a location to your photos. This is a great facility for the people who do a lot of traveling.

The build of this high end compact digital camera is quite substantial due to the molded handgrip that makes the camera chunky. The zoom capability of the camera can be extended to 60x. You can operate the zoom with the lever or by twisting the ring of the lens.

These are the best easy to use compact digital camera that you can find on the market.


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