Photography is the new trend in the present age. Both young and seniors want to lay their hands on the latest high-tech camera models. From Canon to Nikon, and from Pentax to Sony, the camera models manufactured by them dominate the market each year. Now, 2018 has some new releases lined up just for you! Let’s take a look at the top 5 most anticipated camera models that are due to make their debutin 2018.

Best Camera Models to Release in 2018

Canon EOS 7D Mark III

Canon is one of the market leaders in manufacturing DSLRs. Each year, they release their stunning camera models which never fail to impress the photo enthusiasts. Likewise, they are in no mood to lose their market share to other competitors. Canon EOS 7D Mark III is doing quite a round of rumors among photographers, and this model will see its release sooner this year. It is expected that this installment from Canon will come with several new features like Wi-Fi connectivity, 4K video recording resolution, etc.

Mirrorless Camera from Canon

There is another speculation that Canon will release a mirror-less camera model. If the rumors are true, the camera will be a full framed model and will have a26MP unit optic sensor. However, these are just rumors and the authenticity of the source couldn’t be proved yet. But looking at the model EOS 6D Mark II, one can surely hope some surprises from Canon in the year 2018.

Nikon D5X

Nikon is one of the strongest competitors of Canon. None of these companies are ready to give up the fight. However, in some of the cases, Nikon has proved to be a better manufacturer compared to its competitor. Currently, the rumor is that Nikon D5X will see its release in the year 2018. It is believed that the model will be equipped with a high optic sensor (the earlier version is equipped with 20.8MP unit). Hence, photo enthusiasts could expect a price surge if the model releases in the market.

Nikon D760

There comes another model from Nikon. While stillunreleased, speculations are high regarding the model. The model is expected to have a better optic sensor (better than the previous version) within the range 30MP to the45MP unit. Rumors also say that the new model will be able to record 4K videos, have autofocus systems, etc.

Pentax k-1 MK II

The earlier Pentax model, i.e. the k-1 released in 2016 was a super hit among DSLR lovers. It sported massive 36MP optic sensor, weatherproofing materials, LCD on a movable slit, and other cool features. This time, however, a second installment to the series is highly possible. If the k-1 MK II sees its release, it will sport even better optic sensor and more cool features.

Besides the mentioned camera models, there are a few other speculations going on about other manufacturers. Some of those include Sony A7S III, DJI Mavic pro 2, Fuji X-H1, etc. However, rumors about these models arestill not as strong as their competitors.So, which one are you planning to buy this year?

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