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clean your viewfinder with these easy steps

Clean your Viewfinder with these Easy Steps!

It is one of the most important tasks to keep your camera‚Äôs viewfinder clean so that you get to see clearly in order to click images. Getting a clear view through the viewfinder is very important so that you can set up the focus and exactly know what you are clicking. Keeping a viewfinder clean […]

glamour and fashion photography is not the same

Glamour and Fashion Photography is not the Same!

Most of us have been living under this misconception that glamour and fashion, or rather glamour photography and fashion photography are the same. But to your surprise, these are two different branches of photography. Though they are very much related to each other, the details about them are totally different. Below given are some of […]

difference between CCD and CMOS sensor

Know the Difference Between CCD and CMOS Sensor

A lot of information has been given about the differences between CCD and CMOs sensors for images. Most of it has been about the cost considerations of both, but it is a lot more beyond that. It is indeed complicated to understand which one is the better alternative but the below given write up will […]

digital camera for your kids

Choose the Right Digital Camera for your Kids!

Photography is an amazing hobby to develop! It gives the person a scope of looking at things, people, nature and overall surroundings in a different and creative way. It is great to let your kids nurture this hobby right from childhood when they reach the age of understanding basic operation of devices and handling expensive […]