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tips to master indoor sports photography

5 Tips to Master Indoor Sports Photography

Photographing sports can be a little tricky, given the continuous movement and motion as well as the effect of light. But shooting indoor sports can be even more challenging due to lack of natural light.  Sports like tennis, basketball and table tennis and others can be difficult to capture, especially without the correct cameras and […]

must to have equipments for wedding photography

Must to have Equipments for Wedding Photography

If you are someone who is soon going to shoot or photograph a wedding, then you must know that this can be one of the most challenging shoots. During these types of shoot, there is too much events happening at the same time and moreover the light conditions vary within the venue. Thus wedding photographers […]

wonderful tips to photograph a volcano

5 Wonderful Tips to Photograph a Volcano

Photography is definitely an art which is hard to master, especially certain photography styles of specific styles.  There are certain types of photography which may not be as easy to pursue as the others. Where on one hand, styles like portrait photography are relatively easy, clicking pictures of wildlife and volcano etc can be rather […]

tips and suggestions for buying a used DSLR

5 Helpful Tips and Suggestions for Buying a used DSLR

Gone are the days when only a few people and especially professional photographers used to buy DSLRs or professional cameras. In today’s date and time, a lot of people and even amateurs buy such cameras to click high quality digital images. But buying a brand new DSLR may not be practical for all because even […]