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ways to sell your used photography equipment

Best Ways to Sell your used Photography Equipment

Anyone who is inclined towards photography and owns a few pieces of gear, always keeps trying to upgrade or acquire more tools and equipments. For this, they may often need to first sell their old pieces so as to make money to buy the new ones. But selling used photography equipment can be tricky since […]

tips for photographing live dance performances

Tips and Suggestions for Photographing Live Dance Performances

Live dance performances may seem extremely good to look at but are highly difficult to photograph. The constant movements can create a problem in getting stable shots and in addition, if the event is held in dim lights, then getting a good shot can prove to be next to impossible. Thus while capturing live dance […]

comparison between monopod and tripod

Differences and Comparison Between Monopod and Tripod

Just like the battle between Nikon and Canon, there is also an endless debate going on when it comes to choosing between Monopod and tripod.  If you are someone who is planning to buy a camera stand for yourself, then you must know the differences between both to be able to decide which one is […]