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tips for underwater photography

5 Most Important Tips for Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is one of the most adventurous yet difficult forms of photography. The preparations, the level of complications and the complexity of photography gear make this photography type different from any other. Initially, this kind of photography was not easy or possible for hobbyists but improvements in technology and falling rates of camera gear […]

benefits of going on photo walks

The 5 Amazing Benefits of Going on Photo Walks

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional one, practicing and clicking as many pictures as possible is something which is necessary.  For this reason, a Photo Walk comes across as a brilliant concept. Photo Walks are basically photography sessions held for groups of photographers who explore different parts of the city together and […]

master aerial photography

Master Aerial Photography with these 6 Superb Tips

Aerial photography is one of the most thrilling yet tricky forms of photography. While it is true that pictures clicked from up there are very beautiful but things can also go tremendously wrong and may result in either bad looking pictures or other kinds of accidents. This is why; one must always be well prepared […]

fashion photography mistakes to avoid

Top 6 Fashion Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Fashion photography is one of the most popular forms of photography and is a genre which deals with shooting fashion models, commercial models or anything/anyone else endorsing a fashion product or company. This is often referred to as an easier genre of photography but is infact quite difficult. Mistakes in this field of photography are […]

tips for photographing a funeral

Top 5 Tips and Suggestions for Photographing a Funeral

Shooting a funeral can be a very tough and challenging task. Not only is it disturbing but is also difficult in terms of capturing the emotions and feelings appropriately. A photographer needs to be sensitive to the feelings of the people and also has to complete the task as professionally as possible. Combining these two […]

everything you need to know about dutch angle

Everything you Need to Know about Dutch Angle – A Superb Photography Trick

Dutch Angle is a superb photography trick and method and is also known as Dutch Tilt. This is a technique which helps the photographer to add a dramatic effect to the pictures. This is basically a type of a camera shot in which the camera is set or arranged at an angle on its roll […]

know all about forensic photography

Know all About Forensic Photography

Forensic photography is a kind of photography which deals with photographing a crime scene and for this reason, it is also known as crime scene photography and forensic imaging.  It is the art of reproducing the crime scene accurately so that the photographs can be used as evidence and can be used in the process […]

pros and cons of watermarking your pictures

The Top Pros and Cons of Watermarking your Pictures

Watermarking photos is a method through which original photographers seal their clicked photographs with their name, signature or a symbol of copyright so as to mark them as theirs. While lots of photographers watermark their photos to avoid letting it be used by others, some do it for the sake of creativity and fun. But […]