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tips for go-pro videography

4 Necessary Tips for Go-Pro Videography

An American corporation by the name of Go-Pro Inc developed and manufactured a range of high definition video recorders/ camcorders and brought new life to the world of photography. These high definition camcorders are used to shoot extreme actions scenes and get the perfect recordings. People all over the world are drooling over the Go-Pro […]

mistakes to avoid when shooting in shade

Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting in Shade

Many photographers are wary of shooting in the shade or do not know how to take full advantage of an open shade. Though, if few experts are to be believed, there is hidden opportunity in shooting in open shades which when used appropriately can bring a depth to the photos. Some photographers even look for […]

uses of camera battery grip

5 Uses of Camera Battery Grip

If you are a digital camera or DSLR owner then there are some things and tools that you must be aware of and buy. One among such things is a battery grip.  A battery grip is basically a device which makes it possible for you to fit an extra regular camera battery and gives you […]

tips to buy tripod stand online

Amazing Tips to Buy Tripod Stand Online

If you are someone who owns a digital or professional camera, then you must also purchase a tripod stand to complete your photography experience.  Not only does a stand enable you to do perform low light photography easily but also makes it possible for you to shoot videos and motion pictures. There are many types […]