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ideal places for pre wedding shoot

Ideal Places for Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoot is indeed an exciting venture for couples who are about to get married. Pre wedding shoot is like a collage of the life before marriage. It consists of pictures that portray you and your partner in different mood and location. The best part about it is that it gives you a constant […]

lens brush

Photography Gadgets that are a Waste of Money

Photography is a passion and life for many. It is a science and art that freeze beautiful moments permanently to be cherished throughout the life. If you are a photographer then you surely have a drive to perfect your passion which leads you to end by buying different photography gears or equipment. At time buying […]

tips to capture nature photography close-ups

7 Tips to Capture Nature Photography Close-Ups

When a wide range of pictures is captured outdoors that include animals, landscapes, wildlife, seasonal pictures it is known as nature photography that includes both gigantic and small elements as subjects. This kind of photography shines like a star when a close-up snap is captured. In a close-up picture every intricate detail such as a […]

speed light in outdoor photography

How to Use a Speed Light in Outdoor Photography

Often, photographers like to use natural light for outdoor shots. Some people find it unnecessary to use speed light in outdoor photography. But nowadays, expert photographers are not against the idea of using speed lights for street photography. However, you must know the techniques of using them, because otherwise too much light can ruin your […]