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must have lenses for wedding photography

5 Must Have Lenses for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a challenging yet very rewarding photography type, one which can be considered as the combination of every type of photography. It not only involves fashion photography, but also product photography, candid photography, macro photography and portrait photography. But in order to get wedding photography right, you must have all the right lenses […]

guide for fine art nature photography

Beginner’s Guide for Fine Art Nature Photography

Most of the people who are interested in photography are particularly fascinated by the amazing world of scenic nature and its many possibilities. While we see so many landscapes and nature photographs, only few of them captivate us completely with their sheer beauty. Why is this so? Here are some useful tips for you on […]

indoor portrait photography

Top Tips for Excellent Indoor Portrait Photography

A lot of photographers are inclined towards portraits or portrait photography. While some prefer clicking natural portraits outdoors, some prefer the idea of indoor portrait photography. But this kind of photography can be tricky and must be handled carefully. Whether it is lighting, the lenses, the camera or the subject, there are many things to […]

avoid these common mistakes wWhile buying a digital camera

Avoid these Common Mistakes While Buying a Digital Camera

While buying a digital camera there are many factors and components that must be considered. If you want to end up with a good and a suitable camera, within the right price range then you must make your buying decision with caution. As a source of providing cautionary tips, here is a list of the […]