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amazing pre wedding shoot ideas

Some Amazing Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Pre wedding photography and photo shoots are increasingly becoming popular and more couples are adopting this idea to capture the memories of their courtship days. Pre wedding couple shoots are no more limited to studio shoots but have become more candid in nature and are being shot outdoors. A pre wedding shoot can be made […]

travel photography mistakes to avoid

The Most Common Travel Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Travel photography can be a lot of fun and very exciting for photography enthusiasts, beginners and pros. It is simply amazing to capture the true feeling and energy of a foreign location which represents the city’s vibe and culture. Travel photography is wide, varied and has endless options and possibilities and this is what makes […]

hyperfocal distance in photography

All You Need to Know about Hyperfocal Distance in Photography

Hyperfocal distance is a term often used when talking about photography and is a term which most photographers would have heard for before. When the camera is focused at the hyperfocal distance, maximum sharpness from half this distance all the way to infinity can be ensured. The concept of hyperfocal distance is mainly used in […]

accessories for wildlife photography

Must have Accessories for Wildlife Photography

Out of all the various forms and fields of photography, wildlife photography is unarguably the most difficult and challenging forms to master and pursue. Besides the many physical difficulties that one can face, this kind of photography also needs the photographer to carry all the gear and accessories which might be needed. Wildlife photographers must […]