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The Best Photo Editing Apps to Download

Photo editing apps are those kinds of apps that help smartphone and tablet users to edit and improve the photos clicked by them using their devices. These apps make it possible for users to crop, edit, change colors, reduce red eye and perform many other functions in a matter of seconds to obtain much improved […]

habits of a successful photographer

The Top 5 Habits of a Successful Photographer

A lot of people are doing photography these days and this activity is turning into a full time professional for many around the world. It is true that for being a photographer, the essentials are good photography skills, an eye for a good subject and exceptional photo editing skills. But do these things also make […]

tips for photographing star trails

7 Tips for Photographing Star Trails

Star trails are those phenomenons that are created due to earth’s rotation and can be caught on a camera through a long exposure shot. As the planet earth rotates around the moon and revolves around the sun, the fixed stars in the sky appear to have left a trail in the camera when a photographer […]

benefits of using a hand held flash meter

The Top Benefits of using a Hand Held Flash Meter

A hand held flash meter is a device used in photography which is a manual method of measuring the exposure of a particular shot or frame. While most devices come inbuilt with their own meter these days, a lot of people or photographers continue using hand held flash meters due to many reasons of which […]