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street photography tips

Essential Street Photography Tips

A lot of photographers prefer to go for street photography stints because of the variety and the exposure they get out there in the open. The most tempting part of the street photography can also be the most difficult one to conquer. One can easily lose focus or divert from their goal when in the […]

tips for getting perfect product photographs

4 Essential Tips for Getting Perfect Product Photographs

Product photography plays an integral and a very important role in the marketing and advertising industry. Getting the right or rather the perfect product photographs based on the description and summary given by those asking for the photographs is essential for any photographer. But like any other type of photography, product photography also calls for […]

mental and physical benefits of nature photography

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Nature Photography

Sure nature photography is great, there are a lot of great shots of landscapes, wildlife, natural resources and the plant life and we all like having these shots put up in our houses, offices etc. to uplift the spirit of the whole area. But nature photography is so much more than what’s described in the […]

mistakes people make when buying digital cameras

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Digital Cameras

A lot of smart phones have amazing cameras these days but nothing seems to deter those who believe there is a special place for a camera that no other device can take. Almost everyone likes to take pictures irrespective of whether it is for pleasure and vacations or for professional or semi professional purposes. If […]