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Do Casinos have a Policy on the Use of cameras?

Casinos have a very strict policy on the use of cameras. Simply stated, you are not allowed to use them at all inside the gaming areas. There are many reasons for this. One of the more important ones is that they don’t want you taking pictures of their customers. Maintaining customer confidence is a very […]

must have photography essentials

Must have Photography Essentials: Equipment Accessories

You are in love with photography but have always been lacking somewhere or the other? But now you have decided you want to get serious with the photography business and leave behind phone or regular digital camera ways. If that is so, then you must know that there are a series of equipment and other […]

choose candid wedding photography

How to Choose Candid Wedding Photography: The Right Photographer

Wedding day is one of the most important days in an individual’s lives. A lot of preparation goes into that one day to achieve perfection and to put everything in place just the way the bride and groom want it. And why shouldn’t the day be perfect for you to remember it all your life. […]

few tips for street photography

A Few Tips for Street Photography

Do you want to go out on the street and just capture all of the amazing things or moments you see or experience? Well that’s street photography but be aware that it is just as difficult as fun it is. You’d be doing things the wrong way without even knowing them and in the process […]

nature photography on a cloudy day

What Makes For Great Nature Photography On A Cloudy Day?

There is just something special about photography when you have a blanket of cloud covering the sun. It is the perfect type of natural light that flatters and complements the nature photography i.e. landscapes and wildlife. All the hotspots and subtlety you lose in the shadows when you take shots on a sunny day are […]

benefits of ordering digital prints online

Benefits of Ordering Digital Prints Online

We live in a digital age where almost all the day to day tasks can be done sitting at home using just an internet connection and a digital device. In such a scenario, it is no surprise that people have even started ordering digital prints of photographs and other things online. Ordering prints used to […]