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canon vs nikon cameras

Canon Vs Nikon Cameras: The Most Comprehensive Comparison Ever!

The debate whether Canon cameras work better or Nikon cameras has been going on for many years now and the discussion is never ending. Be it the simple digital cameras or the professional DSLRs, comparisons between the two top brands of the world are natural. So for all of you out there who wish to […]

photography editing clichés you must avoid

7 Photography Editing Clichés you must Avoid

Often photography editing trends turn into clichés. Clichés are not always that bad but if they are not done correctly or without proper technique, they can spoil your photograph rather than enhancing its effect. Moreover, clichés when followed and refollowed, they turn dull and boring and must be avoided as far as possible. The following […]

tripod mistakes every photographer makes

7 Tripod Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

A tripod is one of the most essential accessories for a photographer and is also one which is the most misused. A tripod is used incorrectly not only by beginners but sometimes also by professional or experienced photographers. There are many things to keep in mind while using a tripod. Below given is a list […]

live view can do wonders for your photography

4 Ways Live View can do Wonders for your Photography

Most people do not know that their camera or their DSLR has an option of Live View. Live View is a powerful tool which can help you frame better shots, enable you to compose technically better images and improve your photography. Live View mode allows users to see the live image on the LCD display […]

straight neutral density filter

5 Most Essential Photography Filters that you must have

Photoshop is surely a great way to add filters and effects to your pictures but what real filters can do, nothing else can achieve. For every beginner or advanced level photographer, filters are a must have and can improve your photography and images clicked by a big margin. There are hundreds of filters available in […]