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low-angle camera shots

Low-Angle Camera Shots- Versatility in Photography

A low-down perspective by changing your camera angle can entrap the viewers and change the disposition of the story. To spice-up your style of photography and to acquire a new point-of-view inclination in your photos low angle camera shots can be your best resort. Most of the time, you tend to shoot from straight-on perspective […]

ISO selection for perfect photography

Correct ISO Selection for Perfect Photography

ISO or ASA is a parameter used to determine the sensitivity of the image sensor. The same concept also applies for film photography- the lower the ISO number; the less sensitive is your camera to the light exposure and as a consequence, finer will be the grain. Higher ISO settings are useful in dimmer environment […]

photograph wedding cake

Learn How to Photograph Wedding Cake

Photography in a wedding event is bound to be special; and wedding cake happens to be the integral part of the celebration. There are some tips and tricks to catch the best shots of this wedding cake. Photographing those gorgeously decorated tiered cakes is actually easy but making the photographs look candid with various angels […]

theatrical photography

How to Go Best with Theatrical Photography?

Have you ever had the intention of photographing stage actors while they were acting in a play? It is a challenge if you are a novice. There are a lot of things that can create difficulty like low light, you are not allowed to use flash, the actors will be moving and your seat could […]

photography gadgets for i-phone

Learn About the Photography Gadgets for I-Phone

The best camera you can have is your eye. But thanks to technology that you can use another camera through which not only can you see but also capture those moments. These are I-phones. But hold your breath, not only do the phones have marvelous cameras there are those accessories for these camera phones that […]