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brilliant smartphone photography

7 Secrets for Brilliant Smartphone Photography

Our mind is wrapped up with the idea that to capture good photo you must have a good camera – but today technology has brought camera to you in the handiest form. The evolving smart phones equipped with high definition cameras are no less that professional digital cameras if you know the right method of […]

shutter speed and fps

Understanding the Differences between Shutter Speed And Fps

Clicking pictures is a hobby for some while passion for others. However, in order to capture some of the WOW pictures you need to know various technical aspects of your camera like shutter speed, ISO, aperture and other functions. Knowing the differences between shutter speed and FPS is also important to make proper use of […]

restore old pictures

How can you Restore Old Pictures?

The sentiments associated with old photographs are timeless. They need to be cared; preserved ad restored often as keeping them in one album for years after years can cause damage to some extent. Excessive humidity can make the photos “sweat” and stick to each other and eventually tear. Sun light also can fade the color […]

light meter

Light Meter – A Comprehensive “Knowhow”

What is a Light Meter? In photography the right amount of light is very necessary. A light meter measures the amount of light that will give proper texture to the photographs. This device includes either a digital or an analog computer that will enable you as the photographer to set the shutter speed, the focal […]

photos of texture

Guide to Take Photos of Texture

If you are in the habit of shooting textures, and you are not getting it right then this guide will be of great help to you. The idea and the finesse of shooting textures do not come overnight. There are several factors that affect the final print and at the same time you learn from […]