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flash photography

Learn the Basics of Flash Photography

Flash is one of the most important parts of a camera that makes it possible for you to take snaps in low light. Technically, flash is a device in a camera that helps to illuminate the scene by producing an artificial light. The importance of flash is realized when you need to take photographs in […]

reduce noise in photography

Learn to Reduce Noise in Photography

If you are a photography enthusiast then you will know what noise is with respect to photography. However, if you are learning the ropes then understand that when light falls on the photo diodes of the sensors in a digital camera, a signal of electrons are produced that help in the conveyance of light. Fluctuations […]

increase battery life of your camera

Ways to Increase Battery Life of Your Camera

One problem that almost all of you may have faced regarding your camera is its charge retention capability. This happens especially on vacations or extended touring where you are keener on capturing each and every sight you see but the “battery” factor is just erased from your mind. Often you tend to forget to put […]

fujifilm XP200

Most Recommended Waterproof Digital Camera

There was a time when having one camera in the family was enough. But as times have changed, it has become almost a necessity not to just have a camera phone, but to also have a high definition camera for the vacations and also a waterproof camera for the beach and pool parties. But before […]