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Common Mistakes While Taking Nature Photographs

Avoid These Most Common Mistakes While Taking Nature Photographs

Nature photography is a pretty tricky job, especially when you consider all the technicalities that you have got to remember. Things like, having a certain kind of color cast, composing the right frame, keeping your image free from noise are a reason why many amateur photographers make mistakes. However, these can be clearly rectified by […]

Wedding Photography Lighting Setup

Five Steps to Get the Best Wedding Photography Lighting Setup

A wedding is a lifetime event, so capturing each and every moment of this occasion is not only essential but an activity that requires utmost care and professionalism. One of the most vital elements of a perfectly set wedding is the photography and no doubt lighting plays a significant role for delivering the best photos […]

Pop up Flash Bounce

Cool Gadgets for Photography Lovers

In today’s generation, people tell their stories and experiences not by narrating it in words but through the lens of the camera that speak for eternity. You can always tell your friends you visited a country side manor with forests on one side that had beautiful birds and animals peeping once in a while. But […]

Self Portrait Tips

Self Portrait Tips – Get The Best ‘Selfie’

Self portraits are pretty unnerving and fun at the same time. Unnerving for a number of reasons like, you can’t see yourself. Whether you look good or bad, you get to know only after you have clicked the image. Your composition also changes because again you can’t see your subject in your imagery. Then there […]

How to photograph motor racing

4 Best Ways to Capture the Excitement and Thrill at Motor Racing

Motor Racing is a very dangerous game that not only puts the racers in an adrenaline thumping period but also pulls to the audience into the edge of their seats. Photographing these events is a completely different experience all together. It is a great challenge to do this kind of sports photography for a number […]