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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10

10 Best Digital Cameras of 2014

Everybody these days wants to buy either a point and shoot digital camera or a professional Digital SLR.  Before buying a digital camera, there are quite a few things which one must keep in mind. To help you buy a digital camera, we have shortlisted the 10 best digital cameras for the year 2014. They […]

Burn Digital Pictures To A CD

10 Steps to Burn Digital Pictures to A CD

In earlier days, if you wanted to get your digital photographs or images to a CD, then a photo lab was needed for it, but these days, anyone can burn digital pictures to a CD at home and very easily. Infact one does not even need special software for this. The following are the 10 […]

screen protector

Use of Screen Protector for Your Digital Camera

Every electronic gadget is very susceptible to damage and misuse and therefore it is very important to protect them as much as we can. Same is true for digital cameras. Digital cameras have to be protected from dust, water and heat. Infact the LCD screen of our digital cameras must also be kept safe from […]

1.Use rule of thirds

Capture Wow Images With These Top 10 Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

Digital photography is an art and apart from having a good eye for capturing good frames, one also needs to possess skills, have knowledge of the digital camera and well, use a few tips and tricks.  Yes, it’s true that knowing a few tips can turn an ordinary shot into a wonderful one. The following […]

image scaling

All Important Facts about Image Scaling

What is Image Scaling? Image Scaling refers to the enlarging or reducing the size of an image by increasing or decreasing the number of pixels it contains. Basically it is a resizing of the entire image, ideally without losing any of the details. Image Scaling is a menu driven program and can be done by […]