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New Passion for Photography – Things You Must Know

In case you discovered you are passionate about taking pictures for sure you received both praises and critics regarding your work. When evaluating the results of your endeavor into the art of photography there a few things you should keep in mind. Technical Issues Composition Composition is everything and in photography, simplicity is the solution […]

Gadgets All Photographers would Love to have at Hand

Gadgets All Photographers would Love to have at Hand

Photography isn’t only about having your camera and taking a shot. Besides a good and reliable camera there are some other gadgets as well that could make your life easier. Keep in mind that there are lists of the gadgets that might be of interest for you. These may give you an idea about what […]

good photographs

Beginner? How do you get a good angle?

Trying to take good photographs can be a satisfying but frustrating experience. Whether you’re using phones, tablets, compact digital cameras or large DSLRs, you can improve your photographs with some basic rules of composition. On holidays or at family gatherings, capturing and storing the moments through your gadget will be more rewarding with these simple […]

Photoshop Effects

Photoshop Effects for Fashion Photography

As we all know, the main point of fashion photography is to create an image that will be appealing to the viewers. For this you might be interested in the Photoshop effects for fashion photography. There are a lot of effects to choose from and so you might want to master them all. Just like a […]