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Fashion Photography Studio Lighting Techniques

The truth is that not all photographers are prepared well enough for using fashion photography studio lighting techniques. This is an industry in which the participants are constantly learning something new and they have to be open towards the new gear and trends of the business. Light This is the most important element that you have […]


Modern Wedding Photography Ideas

Not all couples wish to have retro photos of their wedding; in fact some of them are searching for a more contemporary look, and this is why a lot of photographers are looking for modern wedding photography ideas. The good news is that there are a lot of ideas for you to choose from. Reflection and […]


Photography Tips on Group Photos

Taking a group photo should mean more than just pushing the button. In order to make sure that you take good photos you might be interested in photography tips on group photos. There are several techniques you could use; choose the most suitable one for each occasion. Levels In order to improve the composition of group […]

Creative Photography Ideas for Summer

Creative Photography Ideas for Summer

It is just natural that there are a lot of photographers looking for creative photography ideas for summer. If you are one of them you should just think about what summer means to you and focus on these elements, preferably presenting them in a new light. The beach The beach offers endless possibilities for creative photos. […]

Lighting Setups for Fashion Photography

Lighting Setups for Fashion Photography

The photographers handling fashion are in many cases looking for lighting setups for fashion photography. Although there are a lot of different kinds of setups that they can use, they have to find the one that adds some personality to their photos without removing their essence. One light In case you prefer to use only one […]


Landscape Photography Equipment Tips

Landscape photography is a different kind of photography and because of this, you may need some special kind of equipment for it. The landscape photography equipment tips will tell you what you might need, but they simply can’t tell you how to use the gear efficiently in a given scenario. Your brain This is the most important […]

Advanced Tripod Tips

Advanced Tripod Tips

While sometimes it’s not a must to use a tripod, in other cases the situation is just begging for one. This is usually the case of long exposure shots. If you are looking for advanced tripod tips you should make sure that you will actually use them. Fat legs first Before buying a tripod you have to […]


Common Problems for Photographers

In the era of digital cameras there might be more common problems for photographers than you might think. Although digital cameras solve a lot of problems, they also create new ones. However, the good news is that there is a solution for every problem. Duplicate photos One of the most common problems of photographers is downloading the […]

Creative Lighting Effects Photography

Creative Lighting Effects Photography

The best thing about photography is that you can create anything you can imagine. If you are looking forcreative lighting effects photography keep in mind that sometimes you will have to turn to technology to make your ideas come to life. A superhero Believe it or not, you can create a superhero that really glows with […]

Digital Camera Lenses

Types of Digital Camera Lenses

The first lessons of photography involve learning about the types of digital camera lenses. In order to take the shots that you were always dreaming about, you will have to know which right lenses are for you or when you have to change your lenses. Fixed focal length lens Just as the name suggests, the focal […]