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Vintage Wedding Photography Ideas

You may have heard that vintage is the new modern so it is no wonder that you may be looking forvintage wedding photography ideas. There is a lot that you could know about this topic and there are a lot of tips that might help you get the shots that you are dreaming about. Be […]


How to Learn Photography for Beginners

Although some people are born photographers, they might still have to ask how to learn photography for beginners. This is because there are a lot of mistakes that people can make which can be avoided if they learn from more experienced photographers. The Equipment Most probably you will be tempted to buy the most expensive equipment […]


Outdoor Off Camera Flash Techniques

Usually light is a given thing that determines that quality of the pictures. However, by using outdoor off camera flash techniques you can make your pictures come to life even when the natural light isn’t the most favorable. Nonetheless, if you don’t use them correctly, you could end up ruining your photos. Ambient Exposure The professional photographers […]

Lonely Planet Travel Photography Tips

Lonely Planet Travel Photography Tips

All photographers know more or less about lonely planet travel photography tips. However, while some of them follow their instincts, others choose to follow the rules of photography to achieve amazing results that need little or no editing. Golden Hour The hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise are known as the golden hour. This […]

Styles of Photography Shots

Styles of Photography Shots

In case you are looking for new styles of photography shots you should know that usually the style is determined by your personality. Normally photographers have a style that is close to their personality and to what they are passionate about. Maybe it is time you find your passion. Landscape Photography It is alright to take shots […]