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How Was Photography Used in Conceptual Art

In case you are asking how was photography used in conceptual art you should know that over one hundred years ago photography wasn’t considered to be art. It was considered inferior to other arts such as painting or sculpting. Photography in conceptual art Nonetheless even back in those days there was the surrealist photography, dada […]


The Best Easy to Use Compact Digital Camera

In some cases the photographers don’t want to carry around lenses and other accessories and they are looking for the best easy to use compact digital camera. If this is the case you should consider a superzoom or bridge camera. Below are some easy to use digital cameras. Fuji X-S1 In case you are in […]

How to Take Still Life Photography

Learn How to Take Still Life Photography

Although you might think that it is boring, there are a lot of people asking how to take still life photography. If you come to think of it is a really lucrative domain because all the catalogues, magazines and websites need photos of different products. Get the still life photography started Contrary to the common […]

Tips to Professional Photography

Best Tips to Professional Photography

Although some photographers think that they don’t need tips to professional photography, the true professionals know that they can always use some help. If you are one of these bright photographers you might know that it is good to listen to other photographers from time to time. Set up If you are preparing for a […]