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Reviewing Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

In case you are evaluating the fundamentals of digital image processing you should know that there are numerous steps that you have to consider and all the steps have sub-steps as well. In order to process a picture you have to go through all of these steps. Image acquisition as one of the digital image […]


Useful Tips for Canon Digital Cameras

For the majority of the photographers the digital camera is more than just a toy. They want to make the best of it and so they are looking for tips for Canon digital cameras. There are a lot of aspects that you can think about but start with the basic aspects. Cover the screen The […]

Safety Always Comes First When Taking Photos at the Zoo

Safety Always Comes First When Taking Photos at the Zoo

There’s nothing like taking photos of the world’s greatest beasts as they roam about in their natural habitat, but it’s not always possible. This is basically why we have zoos. And not only do they provide animal lovers and photographers a chance to get close up images of their favorite creatures, the institutions are also very educational. […]

Enjoy Capturing Colorful Fall Foliage Shots

Enjoy Capturing Colorful Fall Foliage Shots

With the autumn weather arriving in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many photographers will be outside trying to capture the magnificent colors of the fall foliage. The leaves on the trees turn some wonderful shades of yellow, red, and orange during this time of the year and can make for some excellent images. There are several […]


Pictures of Weird Animals Creatures – How to Capture the Extraordinary

All people should know that Mother Nature didn’t stop after bringing cats and dogs to life. There are a lot of different and strange looking animals and you can find out about them if you take a look at pictures of weird animals creatures. Okapi This is a really weird looking animal, but it is […]


The Difference Between Daytime and Nighttime Lightning Photography

Just about everybody loves to see photographs of lightning as it illuminates a pitch black sky. However, you can also get some pretty decent shots of this amazing act of nature in the daytime too. You might need quite a bit of luck and patience, but it can definitely be done. If the camera settings […]


How to Capture Great Parade Shots

With Thanksgiving and Christmas not too far away, there are going to be quite a few parades happening around North America. These often make great photo opportunities as they’re usually quite colorful and exciting with lots of visual entertainment going on. It’s not too hard to get some great parade photos as it can be […]


Top 10 Best Nature Pictures

If you have time to observe nature you will see that it is amazing and breathtaking and there are a few people who are able to capture its beauty. In case you are interested, you should take a look at the top 10 best nature pictures. Among them you will find photos from all over […]

How to Take Detailed Insect Photos

How to Take Detailed Insect Photos

You should be able to capture some excellent images of insects with a basic macro lens, but before taking your shots, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of research on your subjects and learn what their habits are. This will allow you to see how the specific insects behave. For example, the flowers […]

One Shot and AI Servo Focusing Modes

The Difference Between One-Shot and AI Servo Focusing Modes

If you own a digital SLR camera you may have noticed there is an option for taking “one shot” photos as well as AI servo, which are basically two different methods of focusing. The standard or default setting is one shot and is typically the most used method. In this method, if you hold the shutter button […]