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Dolphins Make Excellent Photography Subjects

Dolphins are among the most amazing creatures on the planet. They’re playful, quite intelligent and typically harmless, making them excellent subjects for wildlife photographers. However, their energy and speed often make them pretty challenging to capture on camera. The best type of camera for these wonderful animals it a digital SLR (single lens reflex) and with a […]

How to Photograph Cycling Races

How to Photograph Cycling Races

It can sometimes be a little difficult to capture good actions shots of cycling races, especially when the cyclists are bunched together. When photographing cycling it’s a good idea to take some shots before the event gets underway. You can take photos of the athletes warming up and preparing their bicycles etc. You’ll also find that you […]


Baby Shower Photography

A baby shower is a special occasion in most women’s lives as it gives them an opportunity to enjoy the company of their friends and family before the big event, which of course is the birth of their child. A shower can produce some great memories and images that can be cherished forever. There are […]


Taking Photos in the Mid-Day Sun

There are quite a few rules that some photographers go by. However, in reality there aren’t really any rules when it comes to something as creative as photography. You may want to consider them as guidelines rather than hard rules. This is because you should always feel free to break the “rules” if you want to experiment […]


Shooting Stars with Astrophotography

When you look up into the dark sky at night most people are fascinated at what they see. This is because the universe is filled with bright, sparkling stars and picturesque constellations night after night. While the sight can be simply amazing when witnessing it with your naked eye, you can also capture it with […]